Psychic Development Classes in Fountain Valley-Fullerton-Westminster

Psychic development mediumship classes go hand in had with spiritual healing.  To be a accurate psychic or medium is to be a healer.

One of the World’s most powerful and Accurate Medium of our time is teaching psychic development classes at the School of Universal Core Healing in Anaheim,Santa Ana and Garden Grove

Tony is a Spiritualist Medium. He can communicate with the afterlife. One of Tony’s most unique abilities is his spiritual healing capabilities. He can pick up on your life core issue, and then give you the reason “root cause of the issue. So you can start to understand why it has manifested in your life in the first place.   Whether it is a disease or bad karma. Tony can pin point it 100%.   So that you know what needs to be healed and where it is manifesting from.  (point of origin) Knowing  why!   Is the first step into doing the necessary means into releasing it if you so desire. Tony the healing Medium is exactly that. Tony facilitates his own brand of healing called “Universal Core Healing” That is Powerful, accurate and permanent. Oh, and yes you will be able to validate all of the information he gives you, the receiver of the information. As a service to spirit Tony host classes on his brand of healing and psychic development.  Tony is one of the World’s most accurate Mediums of today. Tony is an anointed being of light.   His Third Eye Attunement is out of this world.   Tony has the ability to give you in seconds the gift of clairvoyance. Within seconds after receiving his Third Eye Attunement  you will be able to see the Spirit World with you bare naked eye balls open.   In front of you guaranteed.  His Third Eye Attunement opens you up Rapidly, Accurately and Powerfully. For more info:

Psychic Development Class in San Diego-Fastest Way to Heal your life Rapidly!

Becoming Clairvoyant, Awaken, Psychic or a Medium. Starts with you learning about your life’s past present and future. Come and find out why your life’s experiences happen the way they did. Learn to heal yourself first! Then others. Learn how to remove your energy blocks permanently that have been holding you back.  Learn to manifest the life you desire.   Experience a Healing and Revealing session with Tony the Healing Medium class. Allowing you to receive the Truth about yourself possibly for the first time in you life. Revealing  hidden blocks in your life. Enlightenment is only a few classes away!! Read More

Psychic Development – Clairvoyance Training – Spiritual Development

Psychic development classes is the fastest way to enlightenment. Clairvoyance classes in La Mirada, Huntington Beach, Fullerton, Placentia, Santa Ana, Fountain Valley, Irvine, Anaheim, Westminster,Garden Grove,Downey, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Stanton, La Habra, Whitter, West Covina,Covina, La Puente,Los Angeles

An Evening of Spirit Messages. Come with an Open Heart! And Learn how we do it! Thursdays, November 9, 16,30, 2017 December 7, 14, 21, 28,

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Psychic Development 101 for Beginners Orange County-Riverside County-San Diego

Psychic development classes in Orange County Ca.   Have never been so Powerful.   Tony the healing medium teaches his own brand of psychic-medium-spiritual development.  Tony is one of the World Most Accurate Psychic Mediums in the Western World.  Tony teaches you how to be direct,precise and accurate.  Leaving behind all the nonsense of generalities, riddles ect.

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Psychic Development classes in Orange County are more easier and powerful than ever before!

There are a lot of people taking psychic development classes nowadays.  Soon it will be the norm to enhance yourself through spirituality.  Though there are many teachers to pick from, one Guru stands out & stands alone.  This guru can tell you in seconds what your core issue has been or is in your life and what the root cause of it is!  Oh and yes you will be able to validate it 100%.  He is nothing like your average psychic development teacher.  His classes are very precise and to the point so you can gear up rapidly developing your psychic, mediumship and healing abilities Rapidly, Accurately and Very Powerfully!  This psychic development teacher has the gift of the Third Eye Attunement!  Anointed by spirit beings of light  “Avatars” to go out into the world and bring higher consciousness into the world. He was given the gift to be able to transfer his energy right into your third eye awakening it & stimulating it so that you will be able to see and hear the spirit world powerfully! Read More

Can Psychic Development Classes Make a Difference in Times of Sadness?

Come with an Open Mind and Open Heart.

Can Psychic Development classes  make a difference in times of sadness? These days, there seem to be more times of sadness than usual. Disasters and traumatic events. Or perhaps it is our new means of communications that make it easier to share these traumatic events. Making is seem like there are more of them.  During these times, many spiritual people ask themselves, “What can I do?” “How can I help?”

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Psychic Development Classes Oceanside San Diego County at Freedom New Age Spiritualist Center

Come with an Open Mind and Open Heart.


Best psychic development classes are at Freedom New Age Spiritualist Center. Near Oceanside San Diego County with Tony the Healing Medium hosting his unique brand of spiritual development classes.  Tony is one of today’s most accurate mediums and powerful healer.  And yes he can prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Have you been looking for a Metaphysical or Spiritualist Church? A place that acomodates your deeper understanding of this world and the next? There used to be many and much easier to find. However, times change, economies change and now, when we need them most of all, Spiritual Churches are few and far between.  Freedom New Age Spiritualist Church is the host to the World’s most powerful psychic development classes, with it location in San Diego County,  near oceanside ca.

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Psychic Development Classes in Orange County transforms you into a Powerful Psychic Reader and Healer!

Come with an Open Mind and Open Heart.

Psychic Development Classes in Orange County that really  Helps You Learn to Give Accurate Readings

Learn how to give more accurate readings, not just rainbow and unicorn readings that seem to be the norm these days. If you are already a student of metaphysics, you know how readings can seem vague, full of symbols and metaphors. Maybe you feel the need to give readings that are more definitive. Readings with  more details that the person you are reading for can relate to.  This is what Insight Psychic Trance Medium Tony Gomez  teaches at the School of Universal Core Healing in orange county.  Tony is one if not the World’s most Accurate Spiritualist Medium and Psychic Healer!

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