Psychic Development Classes in Huntington Beach are Everywhere. So how to find a good one.

There are many psychic development classes  Huntington Beach Ca. And everywhere in the World today.  As societies are opening up to the new inner knowing.  Lots of people, places and things are opening up.  So how do you find a good guru to study under in today’s world.  World’s most accurate Psychic, Medium and Healer is right here in Huntington Beach in our own back yard.   You see psychic development,channeling,mediumship,spiritual awakening is all grounded  in spirituality.  In other words that is where it comes from.  Not fancy advertisement with pretty places and faces.  My name is Angela Tinsley I have been a seeker for many years and  decades.  Been around the block sort of in the spiritual psychic community.   Read More

Psychic Development classes in Orange County are more easier and powerful than ever before!

There are a lot of people taking psychic development classes nowadays.  Soon it will be the norm to enhance yourself through spirituality.  Though there are many teachers to pick from, one Guru stands out & stands alone.  This guru can tell you in seconds what your core issue has been or is in your life and what the root cause of it is!  Oh and yes you will be able to validate it 100%.  He is nothing like your average psychic development teacher.  His classes are very precise and to the point so you can gear up rapidly developing your psychic, mediumship and healing abilities Rapidly, Accurately and Very Powerfully!  This psychic development teacher has the gift of the Third Eye Attunement!  Anointed by spirit beings of light  “Avatars” to go out into the world and bring higher consciousness into the world. He was given the gift to be able to transfer his energy right into your third eye awakening it & stimulating it so that you will be able to see and hear the spirit world powerfully! Read More

Psychic Development Classes and its many benefits

Psychic development classes in Irvine where I take my spiritual metaphysical classes.  Has brought me more than psychic power and its benefits are endless.  Just a few benefits of meditation that can be utilized on a day to day basis. In this post, I will speak from personal experience, not from what I have read or from what someone has told me. Just a couple of ways I have been able to improve how I get through the day. Tony the healing medium is our teacher and guru there were he weekly leads us into a transformational state of mind thru his one of a kind trance  formational meditation.  Where you can you experience you very own mystical awakening.

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Our Psychic Development Classes in Anaheim Breaks Up Your Day to Day Routine Energizing your life!

Come with an Open Mind and Open Heart.

Psychic Development Breaks Up Your Day to Day Routine

Are you tired of the day to day routine? Work, home, work, home. Not much else. Movie once in a while. Maybe it’s time to try something a little different. It may be a good time to try a Psychic Development Classes in Anaheim.  Come find out how to improve you life! Learn how to manifest the life you desire.  Learn about any blocks holding you back from fullfilling your life journey.   Come find out what is your Journey? What are your lessons plan in this life time.  And learn how to go thru them quickly. So you can move rapidly into the life you desire!

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Best Metaphysical Center in San Diego County. Healing and Reading equivalent to John of God

Freedom New Age Metaphysical Center in Bonsall  near Oceanside San Diego County is host to one of the most powerful healing mediums in the world today.   The pastor Tony the healing medium has the ability thru his mediumship skills to communicate with the spirit world and get the answer you need very accurately.   Answers you can validate 100%  Freedom New Age is his home church.   Classes are offered in psychic development, channeling,  reiki, spiritual healing, and more. Read More

Best Psychic Development in Orange County.

There are lots of psychic development classes out there in Orange County California.  Many to choose from.  However there is one development center the stands out among the rest.  For its anointed master teacher.   Tony the Healing Medium is the Master Teacher at the School of Universal Core Healing Center  located in Anaheim California.  Tony the healing Medium has the gift of opening up all of your psychic abilities to be able to see the spirit world on the spot with your bare naked eyes open.   Thru his very own one of a kind Third Eye Attunement process  Read More

Can Psychic Development Classes Make a Difference in Times of Sadness?

Come with an Open Mind and Open Heart.

Can Psychic Development classes  make a difference in times of sadness? These days, there seem to be more times of sadness than usual. Disasters and traumatic events. Or perhaps it is our new means of communications that make it easier to share these traumatic events. Making is seem like there are more of them.  During these times, many spiritual people ask themselves, “What can I do?” “How can I help?”

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Psychic Development Classes in San Diego is World”s most Powerful Spiritual Class Ever!

Psychic development  Classes is not for everyone.   Choose wisely.  We all have psychic ability of some kind.  However to be a good accurate psychic or medium it takes more than just meditations.   It takes knowing yourself completely.   Before one can really start development of  your spiritual power.   You must first find any blocks that may be preventing you from being a clean channel.

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