Psychic Development: What does it mean to become Psychic?

What does it mean to become Psychic?

Many people strive to become psychic so they may contact people who have passed over. If they discover a small talent, they may strive to enhance their gift to make money. Others just think it’s a cool thing to do. There are hundreds of reason why people seek out the psychic world,  but truly, it eventually comes down to basics.

Learning about your God given psychic gifts is about healing yourself so that you may become closer to God, to Spirit, to whatever you want to call it. Healing ourselves enables us to heal others so that they may also become closer to spirit. These are truly the only reasons God gave us these gifts and really, can you think of a better way to help create a better world?

Rev. Tony Gomez has offered himself to spirit to become a teacher in order to help others heal themselves so that they may heal others. Some perks are increased psychic ability, pure connections to spirit, including passed over loved ones and the ability to manifest the life you desire. These are just a few of the benefits of becoming truly psychic. Becoming truly psychic means becoming the person God created us to be.

Come and find out for yourself what it is all about.

Join us this week to receive a message from your loved ones in spirit! And be inspired!!

Sunday Worship Service 11am-12:30 Free
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Psychic Mediumship And Core Healing Classes Three Locations
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Every Wednesday–host location 7-9pm
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Every Sunday– 1-3
Freedom New Age Spiritualist Church (Main Center Church Building )
30158 Mission Road, Bonsall 92003 (Oceanside/ San Diego area) $30 donation