Psychic Development Classes in Orange County transforms you into a Powerful Psychic Reader and Healer!

Psychic Development Classes in Orange County that really  Helps You Learn to Give Accurate Readings

Learn how to give more accurate readings, not just rainbow and unicorn readings that seem to be the norm these days. If you are already a student of metaphysics, you know how readings can seem vague, full of symbols and metaphors. Maybe you feel the need to give readings that are more definitive. Readings with  more details that the person you are reading for can relate to.  This is what Insight Psychic Trance Medium Tony Gomez  teaches at the School of Universal Core Healing in orange county. Tony is one if not the World’s most Accurate Spiritualist Medium and Psychic Healer!

Tony’s classes focus on a creating a strong and direct link between you and spirit leading to clear, easy to understand messages. Messages containing  information that the person you are reading for can relate to and validate. Information that could possible change their lives.

Maybe you are tired of figuring out what the metaphors and flowery visions mean that you may be receiving. Pictures that leave you and the person you are reading for confused and befuddled. Come learn how to give clear and accurate readings that can help people you read for and can help bring you closer to spirit.

Tony will teach you how to become a more clear channel to help yourself and others.  More info

Psychic Mediumship And Core Healing Classes Three Locations
RSVP (714) 222-8835 for each
Every Wednesday–host location 7-9pm
1010 Meadowlake Lane Lake Elsinore California $30 donation

Every Thursday–Anahiem Host location 7-9pm
2147 West Romneya Drive Anahiem Ca 92801 $30 donation

Every Sunday– 1-3
Freedom New Age Spiritualist Church (Main Center Church Building )

Sunday Worship Service 11am-12:30 Free
Freedom New Age Spiritualist Church (Main Center Church Building )
30158 Mission Rd., Bonsall “Oceanside”
North San Diego county more info

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