Psychic Development and 21 Tenets of Mediumship

Psychic development  and the 21 tenets.  These 21 Tenets of Mediumship are offered to will help you create a pact, promise, contract between you and spirit, you and your guides. They may help define and clarify the work you are to do together.



                            Psychic development and the 21 tenants of mediumship

                           To be repeated once daily before or after meditation.
This will instill the tenets into your sub conscious mind.

  1. When I do message and healing work, I carry a strong and anointed presence.
  2. I provide clear and unmistakable evidence of the continuity of life.
  3. I share encouragement and reveal answers to people’s personal and working relationship.
  4. I go everywhere with my guides and we have a close, personal and working relationship.
  5. My gatekeeper lines up the spirits, angels, guides and teachers in a quick and orderly manner for clear and efficient work.
  6. I am a clear, perfect and divine channel for spirit communication and healing.
  7. I speak as an oracle of the divine.
  8. I am a prophet, a spokesperson and a mouth piece of spirit.
  9. My words are loving and healing.
  10. My guides bring spirits who are close to my clients and recognizable to them.
  11. My guides give me clear identifiers for those who are in spirit who want to communicate.
  12. My guides regularly deliver “wow” information as proof of identity. They give me names, dates, addresses and pet phrases and more.
  13. My guides communicate information to me in the best and most helpful ways.
  14. My guides help to clearly discern and individuate spirit energies.
  15. With the help of my guides, I always bring in the highest and best energies and information for my clients highest good.
  16. When I connect to spirit, information flows quickly, clearly and efficiently.
  17. I am in control of spirit. We value and respect each other.
  18. I give my guides permission to communicate with me in every way to help others and to serve my highest good.
  19. My guides tell me what they need from me so that we have the best working experience.
  20. Every time I give a message or minister healing, my abilities grow sharper and stronger.
  21. My spirit work is attended by a powerful anointing of unconditional love!

These tenants will increase your psychic ability

Written by Rev. Tony Gomez for “Freedom New Age Spiritualist Church. All rights reserved.
Edited by Adrienne Paradis 

Here is a video of Tony The Healing Medium Class



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