Psychic Development Classes

in Orange County, Riverside County and San Diego County have never been easier, faster and more powerful! Tony The Healing Medium teaches his own brand of metaphysical, spiritual development classes in psychic development, mediumship development and spiritual healing energy.

So Why choose the School of Universal Core Healing to develop your psychic abilities? Answer-Tony is a Anointed being of light. He holds the gifts of being able to open up your Clairvoyance Rapidly, Accurately and Powerfully. No more need to spend decades or many years developing and training. Thru Tony's anointment of the Third Eye Attunement Process, Tony will enable you to see the Spirit World "dead people" Angels, Fairies, and Avatars on the spot with your bare naked eye balls open in front of you, immediately after receiving his attunement! The attunement will shave off many years and decades of training that would normally be required in many other schools.

The Amazing Third Eye Attunements Opens all of your Psychic Self "Clairs" Rapidly, Accurately and Powerfully! On the Spot. So you can be a more Powerful Accurate Psychic, Medium Or Healer! Guaranteed!!

Psychic Development Has Never Been Easier

The School Of Universal Core Healing

The purpose of our psychic development program is to remind ourselves that life is a fun, exciting adventure that we can create on our own terms.

We provide you with the tools, support, communication and validation. This allows you to create your own relationship to the world. We guide you to recognize, open, and explore your spiritual and psychic abilities. We teach you to manifest your own life thru your own creation.

Our beginning psychic developement classes teach the (spiritual) mechanics of creating with and through your body. This results in more awareness, confidence and fun. You learn to recognize the parts that are you and to release the serious stuff. The stuff that keeps you from being yourself and creating your enthusiasm for your next step.

Our Core Healing method

goes beyond Reiki and most all other Healing Modalities. It finds the root cause to any core issue manifesting in your life. Core issues that you will be able to validate 100% on your own. Come and explore our psychic development classes and increase you own personal knowledge of your own personal life.

Founder of Universal Core Healing
Tony The Healing Medium

Psychic Development And Healing Arts

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Who is Tony The Healing Medium

- A natural born psychic, Tony saw spirits as early as he can remember. He always thought that this was his wild imagination until a crippling spinal disease, that conventional medicine could not cure, was causing him to lose his ability to walk. In time, he found and surrendered to God!! Soon the spirit helpers (Guides) became solid and guided him as to what he must do to heal himself. He listened and followed this guidance. Overnight on New Year's Eve, 2004, a healing occurred as he witnessed a circular burst of Golden Light appear to him. As it grew in size, it completely engulfed him and the room. This Golden Light removed any negative energy he had been holding onto. He now lives an active life-style in Orange County,CA

Today, Trance Medium Tony Gomez is an internationally recognized psychic medium located in Orange County California USA. He is an Evidential Spiritualist Medium (He can see and hear the so called dead people). He uses his gifts to bring solace and healing to others that have suffered the loss of a loved one. He has been profiled on TV the show "Visions of Inspirations" as a Psychic Medium.

In the past few years, Tony has been guided to teach healing to others so that they may also teach and heal. That brings us to Core Healing.

Psychic Mediumship Classes

This is intensive Psychic Mediumship Training gearing you to deliver Accurate Life Changing Messages. Our Psychic Mediumship Development program uses 7 levels of attunements. First level . . .

What to Expect from Classes

Tony Gomez allows his Guides Ascended Masters to work through him to teach you how cultivate a direct connection to Spirit without the metaphors, tools, riddles or puzzles that so many other teachers encourage and mediums use.

  • Tony and his Guides will teach you how to go in and out of a trance that you control
  • Through attunements, he offers himself as a channel so that his and your guides can send you an energy that will help you raise your personal vibration
  • Along with raising your vibration, this energy will help you to see your own Masters, Guides and loved ones while awake, eyes open and in a trance that you control
  • You will learn to identify the Root Cause of a persons problems and help them heal so that they may move forward in their lives
  • If you have studied mediumship, Reiki, meditation, spiritual metaphysics or any kind of psychic development, you will learn new ways of using your skills

All of this and more is what Tony teaches in his classes with the goal that the students may go out and teach others. Hopefully, this type of healing will become commonplace, so that as many as possible can benefit.

Class Requirements - Other than an open heart, open mind and the desire to become more spiritually aware, there are none.

Do you need to be a Reiki Master, or even know what Reiki is? No.

Do you need to be able to give readings to take this class? No.

Do you need to know how to meditate or what chakras are? No.

Sure, it knowing these things could help, but is not required. As you develop, you will learn what your own Masters feel you need to learn. Whatever questions you have, they will be answered.

Why Classes with Tony Gomez - It's not that the world is ending, but it is changing and humanity needs to change with it. We need to help each other makes that change. By working with Spirit, Tony will teach us how to help others improve their lives and keep up with the changing world.

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Psychic Development Fastest Road To Enlightenment

Learn how to become a psychic! Join  leading psychic development Guru in Orange County and Los Angeles,  Riverside County and San Diego. For his psychic development classes, workshops and retreats.  Their are many individuals claiming to be the best teacher.  So how do you chose.  First you have to remember that psychic development is a . . .

How to development your Psychic Ability Fast and Accurate

Too many teachers to many PhD’s teaching. So how do you know whether it’s a good teacher or bad. Psychic development is a spiritual wonderful journey. That needs to done with a anointed teacher. Not just with anyone who claims to teach or has a school. My name is Angie I live in orange county . . .

Psychic Development Classes That Really Make You Psychic

Too many teachers to many PhD’s teaching.  So how do you know whether it’s a good teacher or not.  Psychic development is a spiritual wonderful journey.  That needs to done with a anointed teacher.  Not just with anyone who claims to teach or has a school.   My name is Angie  I live in orange county . . .

Psychic Development and Magical Samadhi Sundays

Psychic development classes with Tony The Healing Medium is the most powerful ever.   Tony does not teach psychic development.  He teaches a tutelage.  Which is very different then any other psychic development training out there.  Tony teaches the tutelage of universal core healing.  Which is based on being the most accurate medium possible first.  Then . . .

Psychic development -Orange County-Los Angeles- San Diego-Riverside County

Psychic development classes and what does it mean to be a psychic or medium?  The term psychic is usually generic term for most spiritual light workers.  A catch all phrase.  We know that we have five senses, sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. That science confirms absolutely.  But we have another sense, known as the . . .

Psychic development and how to become the most accurate psychic ever!

Psychic development requires meeting some basic cosmic laws.  Becoming one of the most accurate psychic requires meeting more cosmic laws.  Its that simple.   To become one of the most accurate mediums of our time.  You must simply use natural cosmic laws.  Already in place for people like us.  In other words technique and meditation only . . .

Pyschic development San Diego-Fallbrook-San Marcos-Ramona-Valley Center-Carlsbad-Vista

Psychic development classes with Tony the Healer is a unique blend of  Powerfull Accurate Mediumship and Spiritual Energy Healing. To be a accurate psychic is to be a spiritual healer.  Psychic readings does not just stop at delivering messages with Tony it constitutes finding  the core issues in your life and finding the root cause . . .

Psychic development Classes in Encinitas-Carlsbad-North San Diego-Solana Beach

Psychic development classes in Encinitas  are now more powerful.  With Tony The Healing Medium now teaching his own brand of spiritual development.  Tony is an anointed being of light.  Spirit has chosen him to facilitate his Third Eye Attunement.   Allowing his Students to see the spirit world on the spot with their bare naked eye . . .

Psychic Development Dana Point-Newport Beach-Laguna Beach-San Clemente-San Juan Capristrano

INTRODUCTION INTO PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT Psychic development in Dana Point-Newport Beach-Laguna Beach-San Clemente- San Juan Capristrano is now more Powerful with Tony the Healing Medium now teaching his own brand of spiritual development. Introduction into psychic development is when one enters into a psychic development journey. You are entering into a transformational spiritual journey that requires . . .

Psychic development Laguna Hills-Lake Forest-Tustin- Laguna Nigel-Foothill Ranch-Dana Point

Powerful psychic development classes in Laguna Hills-Lake Forest- Tustin- Laguna Nigel-Foot Hill Ranch blows open your clairvoyance enabling you to see the spirit world on the spot with your bare naked eye balls open and in front of you. Eliminating decades,many years and wasted time. Tony the Healing Medium has his Master Seer Program his . . .